Working on strata complexes can be a balancing act that takes careful planning and communication to complete successfully. On one hand we collaborate closely with council members and property managers on the technical aspects of our projects, all while keeping the residents and homeowners happy while we work on their units.

To ensure everything runs smoothly and on schedule, we assign a dedicated project manager to each of our projects. The project manager is responsible for maintaining our high-quality standards and communicating regularly with the strata representatives so that everyone involved is well informed of our progress.

Fresh, Unique Look

Your structures will always have a particular look if you use Wolverine Painters in Vancouver and give a fresh coat of paint to them. You can add a variety of colours and develop a unique colour scheme to replace the façade’s aged, weathered appearance and maintain the building in fashion. People will adore the new appearance, and you will undoubtedly attract more tenants or buyers.

Strata Painting Company in Vancouver

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